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About Us

Hi, our names are Jayson and Leesa and we’re the owners of Time Is Key Escape Rooms.

We discovered escape rooms as newlyweds when we went to Escape Xperience in Oakleigh, Melbourne (they’re a brilliant locally owned company that you should definitely check out). That’s all it took to get us hooked and escape rooms became an activity we could enjoy together as a couple. We loved the intricate puzzles, the mysterious atmosphere, and the carefully designed sets that all came together to create wonderfully immersive experiences. Before long, it occurred to us how fun it would be to create and run escape rooms for a living, a business where people could come to escape the tedium of life and just enjoy themselves. A risk? definitely. Worth it? abso-flipping-lutely. We decided to trust our guts and spent the next few months working tirelessly to build Bradshaw Manor, Melbourne’s first horror themed escape room. We wanted to design a room that was driven by a story that immersed you completely in the experience, so the tragic tale of the Bradshaw family and their ultimate undoing was born. Over the first few months of us being open for business, the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. People absolutely loved the thrill and immersion they felt and often we could still hear them excitedly discussing their experience as they headed back to their cars. Since opening, we’ve been getting busier and busier and the good reviews just keep coming. We’re incredibly happy with how far we’ve come and can’t wait to keep building our company and continue to bring enjoyment to the people of Melbourne.  

And to our customers, we love you and thank you, and all those who helped us follow our dream for the support.

Come see us at Time Is Key, we look forward to locking you up!

What Is An Escape Room?

That’s a good question; why on earth would you pay to get locked in a room and made to escape when you can just walk through a seedy part of town and have that done to you for free?

Short answer? It’s voluntary and unlike in the Escape Room movie, you won’t die.

Longer answer? Yes, an escape room will see you being locked in a room, but it’s all for a game where you and a small group of people must use teamwork, your wits, and your ingenuity to solve puzzles, discover codes, and find keys, all with one goal: Escape the room before the time runs out.

Do you have what it takes? 

Our Rooms

Bradshaw Manor

12 years and over strongly recommended
Strong horror themes, suicide themes

A tragic past.

A mysterious disappearance.

An untimely death.

The people of Smithfield believe Bradshaw Manor to be haunted which is making it impossible for Smithfield Real Estate to sell. Can you, an accomplished team of paranormal investigators, convince the people that the house is safe for living in and once and for all disprove these ridiculous rumours? We don’t know what you’ll find in that house but we can assure you: You won’t find any ghosts.

Strictly 2-6 participants, $35pp

The Circus

Very mild horror themes, some mild gore

Roll up! Roll up!

Mortifer’s Circus is in town and we want YOU to join our family! To audition, you need to prove that you have the mind of a circus performer by solving a series of puzzles and tasks laid out by the Magnificent Mortifer. Have you got what it takes? Only time will tell!

Strictly 2-6 participants, $35pp


Connie Zhang
My god, what a well thought puzzle game and story! We enjoyed every bit of the experience. Scary but so entertaining! Highly recommend!
Tobiz B
Escaped from Bradshaw Manor! The horror theme was fantastic, the escape room got several frights out of me! (and I'm a horror fan!). Generous time limit helped us figure out the more trickier puzzles and hints were available when needed. Had a fantastic time and would definitely recommend.
Tabish Mian
Have done both rooms here! Bradshaw Manor is definitely a favorite! Super spooky and lots of open space unlike other escape rooms! Great puzzles and great spooky atmosphere! Puzzles are set out very carefully and very innovative! Definitely in my top 3 escape rooms! Customer service here was also incredible! Have done many escape rooms around Melbourne and never have I received such great service from the owners at Time Is Key! Amazingly friendly staff! Keep it up!!
Timothy Inglis
Exceptionally enjoyable experience with an ingenious storyline. Bradshaw Manor was a win for sure!! A great laugh and a nice fright also 😁 would recommend!
Carly Moreton
We did the circus room and it was an absolute blast! Great puzzles, not too easy and not ridiculously hard. This is my 3rd escape room and has been the best so far. Owners were really friendly too. Will be back for more soon.



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Get in touch with us via the form below, or come and see us in person. 

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